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Professor Dr. Remus CRETAN


senior lecturer PhD Remus Cretan

International grants as director and member:
1.Globalization and regionalization. Contrasting problems in V West Region of Romania. Grant de cercetare NOW(Olanda)-CNCSIS for young doctors in Romania, value 12.000 euro, code CNCSIS 1 din 2004-2005, 1st of April 2004- April 2005

2.Regional development in the west region of Romania with special view on less favoured areas. Contract no 0012634–turnock din 12.02. 2000, beneficiary British Academy, value 5,000 pounds. The results are published by Ashgate, in R. Cretan article in 2005 (see lists of articles of R Cretan).

National contracts as director of grant:
Marginalitate sociala si spatiala. Conceptualizare si integrare social-economica a tiganilor (rromilor) din Banat si Crisana. Contract type CNCSIS, At on 2002-2003; value 45 million lei, code CNCSIS 64.

Ths grant was published as a whole in the book with the same name and in english it passed the recension of three referees at the ISI review called Tidschrift voor economische en sociale Geografie (TESG).

2.Zone defavorizate economic in Regiunea V Vest. Elemente geografice de impunere ca viitoare zone de dezvoltare economica. Contract CNCSIS type At, 2004-2005, value 14700000 ROL, code CNCSIS 54.

A part of this grant was published in edition of colleague N. Popa, Initiative antreprenoriale, Geographica Timisiensis, 2007.

National grants as a member:
1. Orasul Faget. Morfostructura urbana si calitatea vietii, Contract no 5152 from 10.06. 1997, beneficiary Consiliul Local Faget, value 3 millions lei (collaboration with conf. dr. C. Vert)

2. Studiu geografic privind structura urbana a orasului Buzias Contract no 897 from 25.03. 1996, beneficiary Local Council of Buzias, value 2 millioans lei (collaboration with conf. dr. C. Vert).

3. Plan urbanistic general al municipiului Resita Contract no 3820 from 14. 03. 1994, beneficiary S.C. Case S.A. Resita, value 27,7 mil. Lei (collaboration, director conf. dr. C. Vert)

4. Parteneriatul institutional si al societatii civile pentru planificarea dezvoltarii economico-sociale a zonei Timisoara. Contract nr. 14793 din 10.10.2000, beneficiar Primaria municipiului Timisoara, valoare 400 USD (colaborare, director ing. Junie A. –Primaria Timisoara).

5. Studii asupra vulnerabilitatii solurilor la poluarea cu metale grele in zonele intens populate ale Banatului; impactul asupra caliatii vietii, Proiect de tip C ? ANSTI ? 2000-2003; Contract 6190 in 25.10.2000, valoarea: 60 milioane ROL (colaborare, director prof. dr. Gheorghe Ianos).

6. Riscurile naturale si tehnogene din sud-vestul Romaniei; impactul asupra calitatii terenurilor agricole si forestiere, Project CNCSIS type A, Contract CNCSIS No 447, 2003, Value: 80 millions ROL (collaboration, director prof. dr. Gheorghe Ianos)

At all these grants prof dr Remus Cretan implied in all activities with his colleagues and participated at all conferences sustained at the Townhall of Timisoara.

7. Laboratory of GIS, digital cartography, organization and space management, grant type E, Code CNCSIS 137, collaboration with prof. Dr. Petru Urdea
This grant make us build the laboratory of GIS

8. Evaluarea potentialului geodemografic si a resurselor de munca din Regiunea de Dezvoltare Economica V Vest in vederea optimizarii strategiilor de dezvoltare durabila a comunitatilor locale, Grant typr A CNCSIS (2006-2007), value 285 millions ROL (collaboration, director conf. dr. Constantin Vert).

At this and other grants I worked for the GIS and Human Geography laboratories from the Faculty of Geography, West University of Timisoara

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