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Geography - foreign language specialization graduates - 2003 series

No. Name Licence project title Supervisor
1 Aldescu Catalin Euroregions and transborder regions in Romania. Case-study: DKMT Euroregion conf. phD Popa Nicolae
2 Ardelean Andreea Tourism in Cerna valley prof. phD Olaru Martin
3 Badescu Diana Landscape study in Bozovici low-land area read. phD Voiculescu Mircea
4 Balan Daniel Agrotourism in Timis-Cerna corridor prof. dr Olaru Martin
5 Bratian Daniela Environmental quality study and landscape patterns in Reghin and its surrounding areas read. phD Voiculescu Mircea
6 Brujan Lucian Light railway type transportation systems. Case-study: Regional Project Stadtbahn Neckar with special attention on route choice through the town-center of Reutlingen (Baden-Württemberg Land, Germany) conf. phD Popa Nicolae
7 Constantinescu Madalina Visual geography and photography conf. phD Popa Nicolae
8 Costea Ionela Campulung Moldovenesc. Urban arrangement read. phD Voiculescu Sorina
9 Cotarca Camelia Agriculture evolution in periurban area of Timisoara conf. phD Popa Nicolae
10 Cristea Cristina Touristic potential capitalization of Brad low-land area prof. phD Olaru Martin
11 Despi Alina Geographical considerations on alpine and under-alpine vegetation in Balea and Capra valleys in Fagaras Mountains read. phD Voiculescu Mircea
12 Din Oana Touristic potential of Arges County prof. phD Olaru Martin
13 Dulf Camelia Balnear system in Timis County. Economic geography study read. phD cand. Ancuta Catalina
14 Dut Dana Physical-geographic characterization of Padurea Craiului Mountains prof. phD Urdea Petru
15 Epure Ariadna Karstic relief complexity with exemples on upper sector of Danube and Dambovicioara coriidor (Southern Carpathians, Bucegi group, Romania) prof. phD Urdea Petru
16 Hampu Iulia Ethnical structure of population in Sibiu County conf. phD Cretan Remus
17 Hardaut Anca Models in tourism geography read. phD cand. Ancuta Catalina
18 Jurca Loredana Human geography contributions. 'Tara Beiusului' conf. phD Vert Constantin
19 Lazar Ana Landscape dynamics in Codru-Moma Mountains. Present-day and perspective problems read. phD Voiculescu Mircea
20 Moldovean Anne-Marie Rosiorii de Vede. Geographical study read. phD Vert Constantin
21 Muresan Mihaela Post-comunism economic transition and social problems in Caransebes conf. phD Popa Nicolae
22 Neamtu Mihaela Urban environment quality in Caransebes and its surrounding area read. phD Voiculescu Mircea
23 Olaru Ionela Lugoj Plains - population geodemographical structure. Social impact oftouristical activities in Rau de Mori area
conf. phD Vert Constantin
24 Palade Florin Study of Fagaras Mountains relief in German speciality literature. Critical approach prof. phD Urdea Petru
25 Pantiru Claudia Female behaivor analysis in Banat villages from the gender geography perspective read. phD Voiculescu Sorina
26 Parneci Cristina Geographical monography of Sannicolau Mare Town read. phD Vert Constantin
27 Peter Ileana Social impact of touristical activities in Rau de Mori area conf. phD Popa Nicolae
28 Pop Lavinia Touristical phenomenon evolution in Tarcu Mountains. Case-study: Poiana Marului prof. phD Olaru Martin
29 Prispian Mirela Socio-economic impact of touristical activities in Dorna low-land area conf. phD Popa Nicolae
30 Sarbu Lavinia Ciclova Romana commune monography prof. phD Urdea Petru
31 Todoran Melania Biharia Mountains. Geomorphological study prof. phD Urdea Petru
32 Tripa Adina Residential mobility and life quality in Timisoara conf. phD Popa Nicolae
33 Vlad Gabriel Study regarding environmental pollution because of the thermal power plant 'Halanga' prof. phD Ianos Gheorghe

Geography - Foreign language - 2003 series

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